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Or shield the driving part well with aluminum e. Thanks for the info on DC res. Well, even with such fast mosfets, the RC constant between charging resitors and gate charge was perhaps less than a tenth of the total period. If not what is the function of this capacitor? I will buy some soon enough and i thought that when i will find the correct configuration i will make a real PCB. They are very small though. Longest arc — mm long white arcs Schematic.

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I can see that you are still using a microwave oven capacitor.

You can check for a frequency by replacing the flyback with a speaker. We noticed that the tank capacitors were bulging noticeably. I always have one problem, the power transistors keep burning out. This is why it might oscillate, but not conduct any current worth mentioning. October 4, at First, find an WHITE PVC tube that fit your core, cut it so that it length fit your core, then wind 1 turn of enameled copper wire thick wire, this is the primary on the tube and superglue it on the tube.

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I know the dangers as well. November 15, at The question is, how many do I need in parallel? September 7, at The only difference with the 3rd unit I made the one giving high frequencies is that the gate resistors are 43o Ohm, the cap is 2 x. Im not sure how to measure tank current but i will do research on how. No, only one, but i tried with another to check if the problem was IRFP.


January 15, at Sorry just curious, 5555 project! Any ideas on making a 12 volt, lower power more primary turns that will give a good spark but far less, non-lethal, current unit? You can not place the inductor in a wrong direction. The circuit works very well now and can melt the tips of steel electrodes.

Use a DIP8 socket for a quick chip replace. Would these transistors work with the circuit, or are there specific transistor properties needed for svs circuit?

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I will buy some soon enough and i thought that when i will find the correct configuration i will make a real PCB. Works great as induction heater when you get the coil just right. Currently i have 3 of these mosfet but i will buy more soon.

Never the less, the ZVS driver can accomplish loads of current in lots of different ways.

current – is a timer flyback driver lethal? – Electrical Engineering Stack Exchange

I build this circuit almost a year ago on a vero board, but it kept blowing the thin traces due to high currents flowing. I tried the circuit of Vladimiro Mazzilli. If yes, the secondary might be K.

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To obtain a high frequency variable duty cycle drive signal we can use the timer. But anyway, magnet field indeed has an ability to deflect electron movement.

Can you help me out?

Is lower tank freq better for induction heating? The resonant system will place about three times Vcc on the tank capacitor, which means, 30V in, you get v rms on the cap. Your timer configuration did not produce a square wave at the output and conducted all the time instead. Also don’t wield the hot HV wire barehanded, but use a “chicken-stick” or non-conductive rod to move the HV or ground wires.