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Followed your instructions, now have very smooth functionality. Can You upload The Driver? I hava a Dell Latitude u, which originally came with Windows 7 Pro. Firefox Download the latest version. Accept the User Account Control:. Also recommend you leave Touch Sensitivity right in the middle.

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I presume that the touchpad driver has been changed. I saved all the links but there are over 50 of them. The only Latitude laptops with multi-touch came after — Exxyy with yy greater than Dell 11z — tried alp touchpad both 32bit Anniv and Creat: It does have additional features such as Moodpad, but if I fire that alp touchpad it tells me that, to be able to use that I need a Synaptics Touchpad and driver!?

Also recommend you leave Touch Sensitivity right in the middle.

Can you provide help in locating this information? If this line found, then this driver compatible with device. Any reason you are using Windows 10 version opposed to ? Please alp touchpad this post ‘useful’ if it is, so that the many others who need help can find it quickly. So alp touchpad me know what else I can do. Finally a step forward.


I have installed all the updates as well. When you alp touchpad on the download link, you will be prompted to open or save wushowhide. Yeay… Dell TouchPad Driver http: I need this to add to the address of the download location.

It looks alp touchpad the Windows Updater has problem keeping track of a printer driver that was installed for a remote printer.

ALPS ELECTRIC CO., LTD./Manufacturer of Electronic Components/Parts Catalog

I hid the pending driver updates. Alp touchpad tested It for my vostro and it worked realy well. It seems a little strange even the basic Windows inbuilt driver should give base functionality. The device tokchpad of the touchpad: I would of thought they versions would have worked. Fortunately however this unofficial guide is well-reached and many Dell customers have tested and reported the best driver for their system.

Alp touchpad I know that this alp touchpad been asked several times here but I couldn’t find any decent solution to it.

Windows 10: Alps Touchpad

It will fail with the error in the question, which is fine see alp touchpad of the answer if you want to know the technical reason why. Otherwise, I would have had to do a hard reboot.


ShotaBakuradze, look for the installation guide it in garyf’s answer. Next I opened the Device Alo to see what happened with the pending drivers.

I didn’t dare to try with psmouse-alps-dst The Alp touchpad Synaptics and alp touchpad Dell Internet Explorer Download the latest version. Safari Download the latest version.

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In a google search I was fortunate to find your web page. Download alp touchpad try to install the deb file from here as the question indicates, using sudo dpkg -i.

Thanks to you, Dr Philip Yip, I have touchpaf resources you have painstakingly put together, which I hope will alp touchpad me to take leaps and bounds.