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You get one two-port card and cable with the motherboard. It seemed to be just an electrical problem – a dud socket, perhaps, or a cracked trace on the motherboard – and it’s not something I’ve heard anybody else report. I am planning on unlocking the multiplier on this chip as soon as I get a chance. About Mhz on the fsb was all I could push it. But it’s about time for an upgrade anyway. And which also gives you a couple of front-panel USB ports. Air-cooled overclockers are weenies!

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Lets have a look! How to bake your CPU!

ASUS A7A266 Motherboard Review

I have found that I need to get a new video card to use with this motuerboard and processor. But the choice is asus a7a266 motherboard to you.

Give Dan some money! Asus a7a266 motherboard City Computers Price: This is one Mother of a Board! I had the fsb at Mhz for a little while, but a cpu temp asus a7a266 motherboard F with almost no load was just too much for me.

I’m using it in my main computer, on which I’m writing this review, and I’ll probably hang onto it for a while. As my Voodoo 3 just doesn’t cut it anymore! It just kept rebooting into windows and the power switch would not work. ATX power connector is too close to one of the PC slots if it has memory in it.


I keep finding more and more things I like about it! It helped some, but I don’t like running an unfiltered case!

Asus A7A, AMD (A7A) Motherboard | eBay

Most Socket A CPUs are multiplier locked, anyway; you need to reconnect some bridges on the top of the chip to make multiplier adjustment possible asus a7a266 motherboard all, as I explain in asus a7a266 motherboard earlier motherboard review here. Asus A7A motherboard Review date: You can get DDR RAM considerably cheaper by going with unknown brands and settling for PC, but the off-brand modules often have compatibility problems you may find you can’t use asus a7a266 motherboard than one RAM module aa7266 a time Everything else from mothefboard cables to the cards went in with no problems.

Putting it in the case was a snap! Once installed it looked great!

PC DDR memory gave a 30 to 40 per cent speed boost for real asus a7a266 motherboard tasks, compared with the less-than-half-as-fast PC memory that was then the standard for un-tweaked Athlons. Personally, I’m quite happy with the A7A.

DDR memory isn’t going to stay painfully expensive, though. The installation of this motherboard was straightforward.

Asus A7A266 User Manual: Motherboard Components

So, if you’ve got to upgrade now, what you want is a motherboard that can take both kinds of memory. Well, all in all this is a great motherboard! When asus a7a266 motherboard buying all asus a7a266 motherboard RAM, it’s generally cheaper to buy motherboaed, larger modules, so having only two slots isn’t a serious handicap.


But the A7A doesn’t have such a jumper. You can do proper overclocking with the A7A now, asus a7a266 motherboard it’s not quite plain sailing.

Confusingly, there are two places you can plug in an IDE activity LED, both documented in the manual, but only one of motherbpard seems to work.

ASUS A7AE – VIA KTA Motherboard Roundup – January

The A7A isn’t an especially remarkable Socket A motherboard, if you don’t care about its dual memory capability. There’s also a connector for Asus’ “iPanel”, an optional display that sits in a 5. If you’re happy to buy DDR memory along with your new motherboard, though, there’s no point spending more money to get a board with only two DDR slots and three SDR slots you’re not going to use.

I am just now mothfrboard asus a7a266 motherboard mess with the front side mothdrboard settings.

I am currently running it with the fsb at Mhz, which my cpu posts asus a7a266 motherboard Mhz. I am planning on unlocking the multiplier on this chip as soon as I get a chance.