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This can especially happen when updating a BIOS, and the new version doesn’t store information the same way as the old version did. You can also leave the bus at MHz if you prefer to play it safe with the graphics card. This happened to me when I used my P!!! The floppy drive connector position is located between the 1st and 2nd PCI slot. Odd decision on the part of ASUS, if you ask me. My retro rigs old topic Interesting Vogons threads links to Vogonswiki Report spammers here! ATX Form Factor, built-in hardware monitor.

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There is also a modded cpu for sale from korea on Ebay, many use these without any issues and is modded very professionally. All I can say is, well done Asus! The choices for expansion is what makes this motherboard a very attractive product indeed.

My retro rigs old topic Interesting Vogons threads links to Vogonswiki Report spammers here! You can teach a man to fish and feed him for life, but if he can’t handle sushi you must also teach him to cook.

In the results above, there’s very little difference in the performance between the various motherboards compared here. I know a few people are getting bit by this as you read these words. I’d take that over a cheapy modified slotket for sure. Interestingly, use of JumperFree requires that a dipswitch on the motherboard be set appropriately.


VOGONS • View topic – Asus P3B-F and P3 EB

Now, I’m not friendly to motherboards–I expect alot from them. Windows 98 Second Edition build 4. I paid 25 USD incl.

In addition, this baby comes with voltage selection and a wide range of FSB for you to do your overclocking. Then again, chances are, once you get everything set the way you like it, you won’t be messing with it too much.

Being neither as intuitive nor as user-friendly as Abit’s, JumperFree clearly reveals it’s frosh status. I suggest you check the motherboard first before making the purchase.

Once again, the benchmarked scores in Wintune 98 showed very little aaus in performance as compared to other motherboards. This disclaimer is brought to you thanks to the BSA. Test Configuration Processor s: For me, I don’t care if a motherboard sports Quad Celeron support and a liquid cooling option that allows you to run a Celeron A oh, how we love those CPUs up to a Gigahertz.

Asus P3B-F

Discussion about old PC hardware. This is a pretty weird location to place a floppy connector. The temperature of the chip was way out of the recommended operating temperature. However, being as large and as popular Intel was back at the time and more or less still is todaythe progress of their Pentium II and BX chipset into the market went pretty much uninhibited.

When I term “normal users”, I meant those who buy systems off the shelves and knows nothing about computer hardware. Naturally, every mainboard manufacturer wholeheartedly accepted the chipset as at the time, as there were not any other chipsets on the market that could provide the support and stability as well as the BX did. The Asus Probe utility that came with the motherboard is also a very useful utility. Back in mid, Intel had introduced their iBX chipset which was the designated chipset for their Pentium II line of processors.


What I want from a board is stabilityspeed, and if possible, ease of setup.


This site hosts no abandonware. If they didn’t run at FSB then they would still run at Asjs to General Old Hardware. If it wasn’t for the ASUS probe, my CPU would have fried without my knowledge since the heatsink temperature couldn’t tell me more about the actual Zsus temperature, although the heatsink was hot. Once again, the benchmarks in Windows NT showed similar performance. Most but not all P3b-f boards have the right voltage regulator. Slot-1 can be a bit fiddly – sometimes the CPU just needs to be reseated in the slot and then it works.