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So, does this not work with graphics cards made for laptops, such as M GT? There are several different anaglyph filters. Seems like a good deal and one of the few that actually work along with samsung options. Is anyone with a have 3d bluray capabilty somehow? I’ve tried to setup nVidia stereo. I’ve got the following message in the end of install:. SoloCreep , Nov 6,

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This patch activates the output of anaglyph images.

Is anyone with a have 3d bluray capabilty somehow? Maybe something I wrote could help. E71May 31, I didn’t know this existed. Seems like it isn’t satisfied with the test-results: Actually I’ve used links from it already: No help from google either.

I followed all your steps and have the current driver and an nvidia GT. NVidia supports anaglyph since http: AMD does not support 3D unless you have a 5xxx or 6xxx serices card.

How To Play Your Games In ‘Real’ 3D (Windows)

Its the same for Nvidia. Which of course doesn’t work with Optimus, or run-of-the-mill monitors, while anaglyph would work perfectly well. SoloCreepNov 6, Although on the website it says its a day trial but I don’t see any time expiry date on the program. Last but not least, we need to activate the stereoscopic vision. Of course you may have to set up separation and convergence variables to get best 3D images. Here is another line of questioning I could use some help on.


Everything truly being done by you. You can get ati 3d working easy. Okay, I’ve tried to install geforce driver Without, they only give you headaches, but if you view these anaglyphs through anaglyph filters a.

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Other than the resolution, I really have no idea what I am looking for or what to do. For instance, we can use the default red-cyan glasses, but also red-blue, red-green, and even yellow-blue filters exist. You must log in or sign up to reply here. Your name or email address: FYI – Here’s a list of all the supported games, also abaglyph on how well they operate under this technology: Sorry Emrah, seems like something indeed went wrong.

So, does this not work with graphics cards made for laptops, such as M GT? You can always give iZ3D a try thanks to Mark.

Great decision for me, no more wating for cfx profiles and 3D vision is awesome That said, yeah, stuff in 3d really rules. I’ll try anaglylh make some screenshots.


How to play Avatar in anaglyph 3d [Archive] – Ubisoft Forums

I can’t get the enable stereoscopic 3d box to stay checked. Hi folks, as you might share this opinion, it’s a great experience to watch demo stuff.

But I have no idea what monitors and glasses are compatible with IZ3D drivers, and I cant find a list. Now I can buy a high-end ATI graphics card.