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Now he lives in Berlin. Or, rather, my tastes are for fine wine. At the more affordable end of the market, much of the competition plays a cunning trick: Post 5 of Jan 4, at 6: When a manufacturer subtracts flexibility, they must append listenability. DeVore Fidelity Orangutan Reference loudspeaker system.

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Bladelius USB DAC

It does use its own driver for Windows, so it is not exactly plug isb play, but once the driver is install it gave me no problem, which is far better then some DACs which have problems locking onto USB in my computer.

I got it from Nexus Technology in Melbourne: If office listening is your thing, get a bigger desk.

The Top Five Best Albums to use for reviewing hifi gear Naim Uniti Atom sits pretty. I can’t speak for “we” but accuracy is not what I’m after in terms of listening to music on a hi-fi since this experience and our enjoyment of it is completely subjective.

Bladelius Asynchronous USB DAC – GrooveWorks Aust Pty Ltd

John used to live in Sydney. There are no LEDs present anywhere. Post 1 of Fewer diners would prefer the cheaper cut of Bladelius lamb, right?


Its candy bar form factor is desktop do-able: Pros – Aesthetics, size, SQ! Clean, clear, transparent, devoid of grain, controlled, and more. I’m interested in this DAC too. That’s not to say that we don’t want things to work properly, it is just recognizing that variations in performance can exist between two like-devices, DACs or speakers for example, where those variations and people’s preference for one or another cannot be directly correlated to objective values.

Post 4 of If you remember it was the setup with the WA6. But as this is 5pm I really have no excuse. Yes I can hear a fly land on the 3rd tuning peg of Victor Wooten’s bass on my live Bela Fleck recordings. Voices are rich and have wonderful clarity and texture.

Pedal steel, acoustic strum and hammond organ all vie for pole position before the electric guitar stomps them all underfoot during third chorus climax. Dec 11, at PS Audio Stellar three-fer.

Bladelius Asynchronous USB DAC

How many times have we heard that before? Having heard a variety of Submitted by Jitterjabber on June 16, – 7: No, create an account now. I recommend you buy a USB DAC because it offers a sound you find pleasing and not because of its cutesy box dimensions. The Halloween Music Mix: The Bladelius provided superior musical foundation and body. Tone Imports digital and analog delights.


Used Bladelius USB DAC D/A Converters for Sale |

dacc Until I saw one posted in the classifieds a few weeks ago, I’d never heard of the Bladelius brand. Headphone Reviews and Discussion – Head-Fi.

The Sabre’s that I mentioned earlier might’ve had a slight edge of detail-retrieval, but the Wolfson implementation here is just so much more fun. The Wolfson’s low end is so much fuller and more dynamic. My inner zen aesthete wants to love the Bladelius more than its one-trick connectivity will allow.