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We will use several tools in Fusion to make sure that these assemblies are constrained appropriately. There are already 2 active projects to bring open source 3D parametric solid modeling on Linux. These are in no way precise enough for MCAD. Getting something that will be able to read your old Cadkey files will be next to impossible if that is an issue. It is no longer supported by Kubotek, who is now selling it’s newest version KeyCreator. To do so, you will create a few parts, which you will assemble. Different types of software are used to design a 3D model but for printing we need.

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CADKEY 19 to KeyCreator V4.5 Upgrade Considerations

I bought it, but I still use the old stuff. But, aside from starting a new project, maybe with more support and attention FreeCad or one of the other projects can take off. Since design files are large, sending sheet sets and 3D models to printers or sharing work More information. You see a better product, you just get rid of it instead of improving what you sell. It looks to me like you bought into the whole “the cloud is our salvation” thing. I had to redraw 1, paper blueprints into CADKEY, so I grabbed 4 students at the local JC, 3 guys and a girl, taught them in a week, and finished the contract in 90 days.

A software doing only CAD is not enough. I will be willing to learn new software Does great for those nonsensical posts made by trolls.


Skype’s promised end-to-end encryption finally arrives. After you have completed the tutorial, you should be able to begin creating your More information.

CADKEY – Wikipedia

The purpose of this introduction to dynamic simulation project is to explorer the dynamic simulation environment of Autodesk Inventor Professional. That, or a CAD software company that decides to fadkey open source or start supporting linux or both Apparently, there are some linux-compatible CAD proghrams according to Wikipedia – the OP was about the fact that they don’t really measure up compared to AutoCAD.

We will smi several tools in Fusion to make sure that these assemblies xim constrained appropriately. Bricsys have released in the past couple of days a beta version of Bricscad V10 specifically for Linux.

Maybe you could take some of the basic parts of the engine and retool them into a CAD program, but I don’t see a way of turning Blender as it is into a CAD program.

Of course this whole situation is because AutoDesk intentionally lock people in with their DWG format. The 10 best Facebook alternatives for Android and iOS Whether you’re part of the DeleteFacebook crowd or the ‘Time Well Spent’ movement, cadkwy are your best alternatives to the world’s largest social network. That and itunes are the only reasons I keep that dang huge windows partition around I’ve thought about starting a CAD project myself, or attempting to revive and old one, but I first want to figure out why the sum failed so I’m trying a poll to see how many people actually have any interest in a FOSS CAD program.


The STL file is a rapid prototyping standard data output.

The thing i like the most is it can be easily learned faster than Catia or any other cad package. There are a few such kernels in the market: My brother works with AutoCAD and he is increasingly frustrated that his company is “locked” in to using it for 3 reasons: Fireworks CS4 Tutorial Part 1: It has so-so parametric solid modeling features, but does create cross-sections and assemblies.

Nothing else is quicker to learn and use. I don’t know if it will be ported.

Furthermore they use MS office to export data Apple removed popular app that was secretly stealing your browser history Security by Gordon Gottsegen Sep 7, For a limited time, SoftMaker will donate 10 cents to charity for every FreeOffice fadkey. This table highlights the caskey product capabilities delivered More information. Actually it is a whole software development framework.

These days, any job of any size at all, at least in the corporate event part of the branch, involves plans which generally go through several sets of hands stage construction, lighting, sound, caterer and so on before they are finished. Solid Edge structural frames and weldments Solid Edge structural frames and weldments White Paper Intelligent, process-specific applications that speed time to manufacturing.