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Read only one code to be associated with the special key sequence: Code Identifiers default to Datalogic standard, see table on previous page. Load drivers from the O. See command on page Define Special Key Sequence No part of the contents of this documentation or the procedures described therein may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means without prior written per-mission of Datalogic Scanning, Inc.

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The time to complete the start up d1311 varies depending on the complexity of the network but is typically between a few seconds to a few minutes. Any character can be included in the hexadecimal range from 00 to FE. There is no Local Echo to the gun display.

The maximum code length for all codes is 99 characters: PG12 Read the Configuration Copy barcode below with a reader. Fixed Desktop Use For fixed desktop installation, use the adhesive strips or fixing screws not provided according to your needs. Define Special Key Sequence Carefully clean the adhesive strip seats of the base to remove any impurities that could reduce adhesion. Slave Address Range Reads Per Cycle The stored codes are transmitted to the base station at a later time according to the type of batch mode selected.


Datalogic DRAGON D Barcode Scanner with Long Range Scanner – IMS Supply

Multiple Stand Alone Rragon This can happen if there are transmission problems on the network either connection or communicationor if the gun has correctly transmitted data to a device not on the network gun configuration error. Upon returning to the system working area, this mode requires reading the Start Normal Batch Transmission barcode to successively transmit the list of stored codes to the base station.

To exit from this command, reset the system by cycling power to the Master cradle. In this manual, the configuration parameters are divided into logical groups making it easy to find the desired function based on its reference group.

Robustness and ergonomics remain unsurpassed: These communications and their relative message formatting are detailed in the following paragraphs. Obviously cable length is to be kept to a minimum as with all bus systems.


It changes the way the Alt Mode procedure is executed, therefore it should be set as follows: Select the code type from the code table in Appendix B for the identifier you want to change. Control Character Emulation In fact, header and terminator default values depend on the interface selection: Conversion To Code 39 d Series Only Then place it onto the master OMX0 cradle.


Read the hexadecimal value corresponding to the character s you want to define as identifiers for the code selected in step: No part of the contents of this documentation or the procedures described therein may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means without prior written per-mission of Datalogic Scanning, Inc.

The three keys under the display have the following function in batch mode: Position the cradle on the base by sliding it along the mounting tabs until aligned. OR BY c specifying a specific character length up to the maximum of 99 characters. You must define the same number of fields as selected in step 5, including fields that will not be transmitted.

In this way the code resolution is controlled by the signal sent to the decoder, independently of the physical resolution of the code read. OR BY b defining a match character to be dragpn consecutively repeated in the code itself.

Network Warning Message Make sure that all cradles used in the same area have different addresses.