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The Netbook Is Dead”. Comment on this change optional. There was some controversy regarding the battery supplied with the EeePC Since the bug log shows that this new kernel did correct the issue for users with other hardware, I suggest you file a separate bug report for your ongoing issue. First, there will be some security updates which take priority. The Asus technical data for the c and ce models is seen as erroneous by certain online retailers offering RAM upgrades. Not sure if this is significant but it’s some kind of workaround for people.

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If you’re using… You have kernel… Read ath0 as… ath5k or ath9k any wlan0 rtsta 2. This bug affects 42 people. I also tried this with bluetooth both enabled and disabled and it worked both ways. It’s not needed to subscribe Ubuntu Drivers to bugs, I’ve removed the subscription.

Launchpad couldn’t import bug from Linux Kernel Bug Tracker. Please test proposed package.

Hardware-specific configuration

Users must reconfigure their xorg. The following has been fixed in the latest release of the Skype beta. John Stevenson jr0cket wrote on Pause for a few seconds, then hit the power button once and the machine will shutdown gracefully.

Wpa supplicant with PSK A more elegant solution to connect to one or more access points either with or without encryption is to use wpasupplicant. Then turn off your video. Naming of the series of models of the device appears to relate to the size of installed SSD, camera, and battery size. We can also assign id strings to these networks, so that if, for example, your home network is static, and the local cafe is dhcp, ewe can alter our files like so.


Newer models added the options of Microsoft Windows operating system and rotating media hard disk drives HDDand initially retailed for up to euros. Is that because everything automagically works? The B pv the first of the Eee PC line of computers that supports virtualization. First, you have to “aptitude install wpasupplicant”. Changed in linux Ubuntu Karmic: Re-enabling the wireless using the function however may not work unless the kernel module ‘pciehp’ was loaded with certain options set.

EeePC/Fixes – Community Help Wiki

All three methods are discussed below. It is in progress, but a lot of work… so if anybody feels like helping, please comment on the ticket or post to the development list.

A script to do this setup automatically: Forest foresto wrote on Seems a efe issue with the way that log is generated. The screen does not cover the entire space within the lid; instead it is flanked on the sides by stereo speakers, and above by the optional camera in the trim at the top.


Network configurators There are three ways to configure your wireless network. An “exception” here would set back the release by a whole week, due to the time involved in integrating kernel changes rqlink validating the resulting images.

DebianEeePC/HowTo/Wifi – Debian Wiki

I will look into it today. For WEP, you specify the key as follows: Like said- disconnect the wificonnection before toggling the hardware off avoids the crash. If this does not help, try unhiding the SSID; it may be caused by a bug in ath5k, see this discussion: A similar panning effect can be achieved on other Linux systems using xrandr.

Yes, this is in a production released kernel, yes, the interfaces are provided by different modules eeepc-laptop exposes them as do the driver modulesyes their naming and function is of course not named using a reasonably grep-able syntax, and yes they do actually work differently somehow. These threads might be useful for UNR You ralunk install eeepc-acpi-scripts from http: