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Once you get a fix, you can use your favourite GPS mapping application like tangogps. Reminder from the Overview section: I imagine one could find them via a USB sniffer on a working Windows machine or a Linux machine with Windows running in a virtual machine. So each time I wanted to connect I would have to delve into the settings and enter them again. In order to save the power, let us use sysfsutils to completely power off the WWAN card on boot.

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How to get Ericsson F3507g Mobile Broadband card working on Windows 7 & Lenovo Thinkpad T400s

Anyway, let me know how you go, and if I missed anything in my instructions. Details are available on the MBM Wiki. In such a situation one of the following methods could solve the problem:.

First, you have to configure the a few NMEA options. There are only a couple of negatives I have discovered so far: Sony Ericsson Fg configuration explained on wammu website.

Similarly, GPS interface is started by ifup gps and turned off by ifdown gps. To shut it down, say ifdown usb0 or ifdown 3G. I uninstalled Access Connections and will probably never use it again. It retries as often as necessary until the WWAN moodem is really established. There is a ericsaon a sourceforge project dedicated to the Ericsson Mobile Broadband modules. The “cold start” seems to take quite a bit however, and sometimes it cannot get a fix if indoors.


If you have a Linux kernel 3. All credit for discovering them goes to “Nickolai Zeldovich” who ericsaon a comment in this thread. It is done by sending.

● Ericsson Fg Mobile Broadband Module

Once you get a fix, modm can use your favourite GPS mapping application like tangogps. It has slightly different chat scripts that establish a WWAN connection more reliably, even in case of a partially-initialized modem.

Now broadband connection could be started in the same way as you start any other network interface, just by saying ifup usb0 or ifup 3Gif connecting via pppd.

It integrates with Windows differently to a dialup modem.

This is what made it particularly tricky to setup. I installed Windows 7 on it soon after, having heard that almost all hardware devices worked under Windows 7. This page has been accessedtimes. Once the card is turned on, there are two ways to connect to the net. To do this you need to go to the networks list and right click, show properties. Find the appropriate Broadbband here.

The other way is to use CDC Ethernet interface. Please see my new article. To physically reset the card flip the wireless switch off, and then on.


Update: Ericsson Fg Mobile Broadband on Windows 7 with Lenovo Thinkpad | Jack Ukleja

I have yet to work out if that has a detrimental effect: Performance was pretty sluggish — it would take ages broqdband load the main interface. Be carefull with the last command. One obvious change is that it shows up in the networks list accessed via the system tray like so:. I imagine one could find them via a USB sniffer on a working Windows machine or a Linux machine with Windows running in a virtual machine. Lenovo does not release the firmware update utility public, so the only way to get a newer version Fg is by replacing the existing one.

Anyway, there is a project aiming to document all AT-commands for the Ericsson Fg card. It turns the card completely off, and it will no longer accept any AT-commands before the hard reset.