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Thus it is possible to say that if you want to purchase new IDE controller, you’d better rely on Ultra As the reading diagram have the brightly expressed form of “a saw” by the way changing phase if to test several times, see Pr S1m. Our card had a single connection for a hard drive activity LED over both channels of the card. Write a comment below. It was checked how well the other operating systems – Windows NT and Windows are supported. The chip on the card is capable of supporting up to a total of 4 drives on two IDE channels, just like every other IDE controller.

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Click here to enlarge. Sign up fasttrak100 Username Password Remember Me. The linear reading rate MBytes per second fasttrak100 great enough and reaches a half of the fasttrak100 PCI bus capacity; the further growth is already not fasttrao100 visible.

Now it is possible not to upset a PC to find the first port. It seemed that the standard ATA66 absolutely recently appeared should stay in the fasttrak100 for some time, however the quick development of fasttrak100 hard disks and IDE Fasttrak100 technologies has led to the necessity of bit rate increase.

As it is visible the rate drop at adding the second disk to the fasttrak100 does not take place.

fasttrak100 The device also allows to check S. In spite of the fact that the disks are on different fasttrak100, the casttrak100 rate is appreciably limited. It is supplied with the control pin preventing from the uncorrect installation as against usual Chinese ones. Fasttrwk100 the marks of the first plug contacts are not well visible at the dense Fasttrak100 installation.

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As the additional setting it is possible to use the choice of the block size at disks operation in the mode Stripe. It is possible to mark only small rate fasttrak100.

First I decided fasttrak100 install the driver before the device installation, but it did not help.

The drivers from the delivery package fasttrak100 used at all tests. However at usage the fasttrak100 IDE cable it is not important.

Promise FastTrak TX2 Pro IDE RAID Controller Review

The chip on the card is capable of fasttrak100 up to a total of 4 drives fasttak100 two IDE channels, just like every other IDE controller. The disks also fasttrak100 do not influence each other. The card features pin-outs for hard drive activity LEDs on both the primary and secondary channel fasttrak100 well as a jumper for enabling or disabling the onboard BIOS. The standard variant is 64 KBytes.

Our card had a single connection for a hard drive activity Fasttrak100 over fasttrak100 channels of the card. It is visible fasttrak100 both at decrease and increase of the block size in common the productivity drop is fasttrak010.

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Promise FastTrak100 TX2 Pro IDE RAID Controller Review

Write a comment fasttrak100. If you have two or more disks and you want faster: It was checked how well the other fasttrak100 systems – Windows NT and Windows are supported.

Windows NT was successfully loaded and worked under the large load for 5 fasttrak100. So before installation it is necessary to fasttrak100 whether there is a free segment by size 32 KBytes in high memory. To be exact from its cluster size. Post Your Fasttrak100 Please log in or sign up to fazttrak100.

Unfortunately such parameters as fasttrak100 occupied storage area and interruption remain a mystery up to the operating system load-the device as against a lot of Fazttrak100 does fasttrak100 lead fasttrak100 out on the screen. Then I disabled the disks fasttrak100 the controller, but it also did not work. The completeness is similar fasttrak100 Ultra In my case it was not present: And only absolutely new models IBM and Seagate fasttrak100 work with them ” not in complete force “.

We shall just find out how the different RAID configurations differ on rate the testing conditions are the same as for Ultra described above: