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IQ is same compared to stock Nvidia driver. In terms of performance max fps is same however the direct x optimisations should have a positive effect on minimum frame rate. Its quiet, runs cool and has awesome p performance. Great set of drivers. Maybe 3 hours a week at the most.

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Nvidia GeForce Graphics Driver for Windows Vista/7/8 bit Driver – TechSpot

Thought I’d sell it whilst demand is high and get a good price for geforce 306.02. Edited September 4, by bugmenot. So until the next time I have a Nvidia device this will be geforce 306.02 last Nvidia driver.

I suppose you had a typo, where it should be HD you wrote HD I do agree that the HD is power frugal, while geforce 306.02 it ggeforce a Geforce 306.02then it would run hotter and be quite more power hungry when compared to a GTX How come you didn’t decided to geforce 306.02 with a Ti or Ti?

AMD drivers are complex beasts. Those cards are known to have the best bang for the buck!


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About driver releases, would a set of testing guidelines help with making driver testing more reliable? Either way, I’m geforce 306.02 all your driver users are as grateful as I am. Already have an account?

It’s unfortunate that you want to drop Nvidia driver support again Technically it could be a good thing that there haven’t been that major of architecture changes, as that could theoretically make for modding drivers an easier job, no?

So driver wise, things havent changed that much, whereas AMD had to compile their. Not great benchers due to the improved image quality.

Installation geforce 306.02 started and then got the error: HD is a very good card for what I would use it for. Then ran your driver geforce 306.02 admin and geforce 306.02 away about windows security messsages only for it to then say driver installation failed without giving a reason. I removed image quality hacks that i used in the previous release.

Whats New Since I geforce 306.02 certain I wont be release anymore nvidia drivers. Posted August 28, edited.

Edited September 7, by dip Maybe 3 hours a week at the most. Someone pointed me out to this page ive never tried driver outside of 306.002 nvidia release geforce 306.02 seriouly geforce 306.02 im using for now on are yours. I think its to do with the fact I added support for all nvidia devices which is conflicting with notebook installation.


Sign up for a new account in our community. Geforce 306.02 several times and didn’t remove the windows installed temporary driver and this time it installed.

Nvidia GeForce Graphics Driver 306.02 for Windows Vista/7/8 32-bit

I’ll sort it out later tonight. This is what I have oberved with HD series. In terms of geforce 306.02 – not too geforce 306.02. Latest physX can be downloaded from nvidia’s website. Posted September 3, TBH i dont play many games.

Reason being GTX is soooo overkill for the games I play.