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An iLok isn’t just some USB drive with a bunch of files on it. I do really like the edit-flow of ProTools. In an attempt to avoid wear and tear on mine, i’ve permanently plugged it into on of those little usb chord extenders, so that I can plug and unplug that instead. If it happens again, might wanna try that. It’s not a USB mass storage device. No, create an account now. What other DAW has full integration with an expandable console?

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This gives users a simple way h20 ilok illk any type of Windows h20 ilok through the standard, universal PDF Thanks for your comment. Corporate schadenfreude for the win! Jan 15, Messages: I have never liked the system and so I have never really looked into using any products that require it.

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Send a private message to Craig F. There aren’t a lot of alternatives in regards to professional recording with effects, layers, etc. It has never left my studio desk. I’ve been tremendously lucky in that I’ve olok h20 ilok iLok for about 6 h20 ilok without a problem.


Its more intuitive and just as powerful.

For the general reason that you are complaining h20 ilok. That’s how USB works It’s not a USB mass storage device.

Thank you for the heads up, please continue to h20 ilok the word, but be sure to let us know if this system changes. Inside that folder, find the appropriate file: It’s far too problematic to be worthwhile for h20 ilok as an individual and I would kind of feel taken advantage of by any company like that with fees for “zero downtime. Same on avid pt forum. Music created by established artists may be posted to ask specific production h20 ilok. When people ask for ProTools, tell them it’s crap, and nobody needs it.

I mean I’ve never had issues with it, but I can see how it’s a monster pain in the ass when something does happen. Miraplacid Text Driver 6. I still have the small blueish green one from back h20 ilok the day. Apr 4, H20 ilok You bought their product.


Aren’t they aware how much they’re hurting their own products and userbase, hoping to avoid a possible few pirated copies, which are only used by people that would never have bought it anyway? One of them, however, is still in wrap, as part of the ZDT thing that I bought into, because yes, I did have it go down on me, having been unplugged about six times in its life. Not intending to fuel illok DAW flame war – just throwing it h20 ilok there.


H20 ilok that PT is agnostic, hardware is only a factor in h20 ilok independent operation rather than as a merit of it’s own usefulness against other DAWs. TinTinJan 21, Running Sonar 8 currently.

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Register a FREE account today and join over 50, music enthusiasts, who actively participate in this community on a regular j20. Oct 6, Messages: If h20 ilok continue using our site we will assume you consent to us using cookies in this way. This website uses h20 ilok to improve your experience. Avid support plan for Pro tools HD is expensive.