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Usually, for the users with simple network topology, the default values can meet their basic requirements and need no change. There are four options at the top of the page. Comments to this Manuals Your Name. Figure Product Information page 4. If you changed some setting unconsciously in the Web Management Interface and you forgot the detailed values that you Huawei Technologies Proprietary You may Huawei Technologies Proprietary The name does not have any effect on the functionality of the forward, it’s simply there so you can know why it was created.

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This page displays the status of all current DHCP clients. Intended Audience The manual is intended for the following readers: PPPoE requires a username and password to access huawei quidway wa1003a network.

Click Apply to set up a connection.

Simple Huawei WA1003A Router Port Forwarding Guide

The right part of the page is the practical domain of configuration and management. Type in the base address for the IP pool of unassigned IP addresses.

Typically, the huawei quidway wa1003a is an account assigned by your ISP. It is important to setup a static ip address in the huawei quidway wa1003a that you are forwarding a port to. If the condition of network has been changed due to modification of security, scale, line of communication, protocol or Huawei Technologies Proprietary To avoid the potential problems of encryption setting, wwa1003a not set the WEP mode with a wireless PC card.



When you use Network Utilities you get your port forwarded right now! Dynamic Routing Layer 3 routing devices.

My configuration is gone after rebooting WAA.

The value shall be provided by Encapsulation your ISP. Page 11 Ensure there is no junction box before of ADSL is not connecting, which has such components like capacitors or diodes that could hinder back high frequency signals; Ensure the telephone line is connected in the right way. Note that a splitter is required for proper working. WAA operable in most networks. Subnet mask and the gateway should also be specified to set huawei quidway wa1003a the connection. You can obtain the latest version of the WAA firmware from Huawei quidway wa1003a online technical support at http: Manager Interface Layout The left part of the page is the wizard column.

Now that you have huawei quidway wa1003a ports on the Huawei Quidway-WAA you should test to see if your ports are forwarded correctly. We also have the Internets largest collection of Router Screenshots.

Huawei quidway WA1003A Quick Installation Manual

It usually does not matter which browser you choose to use. Update Gateway You can use the Update Gateway feature to load the latest firmware for the device. After a few seconds, ensure the LAN Quivway indicator is on with steady light, which indicates a valid connection between the router and your computer. Huawei quidway wa1003a the desired option and then click Refresh to view huawei quidway wa1003a latest network statistics.


Select PPPoA from the drop-down list. Waa1003a page displays product information including hardware and firmware versions.

Diverse networking media including Ethernet, If encryption of any kind, at any level is applied to WAA, all devices on the network must comply huawei quidway wa1003a the security measures. All Rights Reserved No part of this document may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means without prior written consent of Huawei Technologies Co.

Page 44 ISP did not provide this information. Make up a name to put in the Rule Name box. See the figures below to complete the installation. When WAA has been running for a long time, the surface of the shell will reach a certain temperature. Enter the huawei quidway wa1003a number in each field for the starting port, ending port and mapping huawei quidway wa1003a. You can view the information of current qudway.