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Basically, I struggle with that question myself. Then, it’s up to the driver to signal that it wants more, and how many. So, you can handle more incoming data, but the same interrupt still services all of the queues. This content has been marked as final. NAT mode still works fine though. Five MSI-X interrupt vectors are provided calculated based on four vectors for queues and one vector for other causes. But by all means I’m not defending Intel’s drivers.

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We have directly connected the XT2 in one of the workstations using two cables to two ports of the XT2 on the server and set up ram disks on each end to eliminate the switch and disk speed as potential bottlenecks.

Downloads for IntelĀ® Ethernet Connection I217-LM

Then let’s take the lack of MSI stuff as “god-given” and come back to the question: Five MSI-X interrupt vectors are provided calculated based on four vectors for queues and one vector for other causes. Check the release log of the VM for further details.

Ndie2 is a computer translation of the original content. Coming back to the original RSS topic – it could be completely resolved: I’ve been following this thread for awhile now and wanted to make sure it stays active.

All guides I’ve found online so far state that “SMB3 Multichannel is so simple, you just have to connect a capable server and client and it will automatically be active”. You can not post a blank message. Once combined with MSI, you can have individual MSI’s assosciated with each queue, which is where the big win comes in as different CPU’s can handle the different interrupts. If you have the opportunity of experimentation not productively nis2 setups with recent backups you can try the latest For that question, I will provide my most helpful answer yet U217-lm I is set to enable MSI, but that doesn’t do anything because it’s just using the default the catch all for it’s line interrupt.


The workstations still exhibit the behavior in this thread though the server reports RSS Capable as ndis and has populated indirection tables and speed often drops below Gigabit speeds during these test transfers.

We are using Intel’s latest available drivers and Windows 10 has been patched and is up to date. Please enter a title.

We have yet to open a support ticket as I was hoping this would have been resolved by now — it’s obvious Intel is aware of the issue — but it’s probably time. I’m new at this and just read this:. Then I decided to uninstall “4. After that the bridge mode worked and I could update Virtualbox to the 4.

Teaming Microsoft or Intel? NAT mode still works fine though. Still curious, why it does not work with version 5 or how to make it work. If the device isn’t capable of it either because it was omitted from the driver, or because the chipset really doesn’t include that feature, no matter what the driver doesthen the net effect is nothing.


But with NAT unfortunately internet does not work from within the VM this problem was there already with 4. The curious thing about this it, I had version 5. I have seen it work — once — on a Windows 8. But by all means I’m not defending Intel’s drivers.

I also noticed that my Ethernet network ports are named slightly different after the upgrade, so I think something changed during that update.

It is provided for general information only and should not be relied upon as complete or accurate.


As far as I can tell in my research, enabling MSI just means that MS just puts the device in the MSI enabled bucket, interrupts without the extra message signalling come in like normal on their line ndiis2.

I already tried to uninstall VirtualBox and install it again, but the issue persists.

This content has been marked as final. Host is Windows 8.

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