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Tell me which version of OSX you are running, and anything else that might be helpful to other readers. I’ve only tried this with my old Palm IIIx , which I set to connect at that device’s highest speed , bps with flow control on. Although it took me a while to figure out how to tell it where the file is.. I was able to do the commands in Terminal just fine. Thanks for your message! The link you provided seemed to have dead download links so I stepped back to get new ones.

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Please hit the comments link to let me know what happened, whether it worked or not. They say it supports OS X up to They also have versons for Mac OS 8.

I went to the sakar help site and downloaded the driver there, but it doesn’t work. Do you have any advice for a complete computer bone head that is conveter You might want to use rm -ri instead, which will prompt you for every file before removing it. Unfortunately, after restarting, it still isn’t working for me.

Thank you for your research.

There should be a new connection option under the “Connection Settings” tab called “usbserial-port”. I will never expose your email address.


Other Companies iConcepts iConcepts USB to Serial Driver Free Driver Download

I’m running system Installing and Using If you download a package from one of the sites referenced above then just double-click it in the Finder. Check this and uncheck the others. You might try plugging it into a different port if that doesn’t work.

Fri, 20 Aug I’ve only used this driver on OSX I’ve updated this page, incorporating your corrections. Thanks for the notice.

Product Drivers, Firmware & Software – IOGEAR

There are other brands as well. Comments are handled through email. Restart with the iConcepts device plugged into the port, and start the Hotsync application. I got a killer deal on an old Palm and it is looking less like a deal every minute.

Iconcepts Iconcepts Usb To Serial Driver Driver Download

I want to thank you [ I was able to do the commands in Terminal just fine. You can also get v.

This is so you can plug serial devices into your USB port Macs have not had serial ports for some time. Sorry it didn’t seem to work. When you restart you might get a warning dialog; click “Fix and Use”. If you look at your system network panel you will notice that “usbserial” is now available as a network port; I guess this means you can, say, use an external serial modem with your machine using this adapter.

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Where to get it The company that sold the adapter used to make drivers available at tech. However I am not sure if they truly will drive the IOconcepts device.

Is there another adaptor that works better? But I put it back, so if you try again you should be able to download.

I downloaded the 1. How Did It Go? It’s great to hear that this works with Panther, which I haven’t had time to install yet, and that you could use it with the Psion and what I guess is a java program for syncing.

I still have the receipt for the device which was recently purchased and I think I’ll just spring for seiral Keyspan one–at least that company still is in business.