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At ISO , noise was much higher and definitely more distracting, blurring finer details. If you can put up with the smudges, they obviously don’t affect the camera’s function in the least. On the setup menu, a button in the same location takes you back, either to the capture or playback menu. Long shutter lag, slow shot to shot performance Significant barrel distortion at wide angle, and a fair amount of pincushion at telephoto as well Moderate chromatic aberration at wide angle Sometimes inaccurate auto white balance Occasionally over-aggressive noise reduction Somewhat short battery life albeit typical for a subcompact camera Poor low-light performance Weak, uneven flash coverage ISO sensitivity limited to just But anti-shake helps greatly, largely making up for the low ISO Only USB 1. Located to the right of the Mode switch, this tiny button is almost flush with the camera body to prevent accidental presses.

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Just to the right of the Power button, this button sets focus and exposure when pressed halfway, and fires the shutter when fully miholta. Konica minolta dimage x1 low-light performance, just bright enough for average city street lighting, but not much darker.

Konica Minolta Dimage X1

Color balance indoors under incandescent lighting was unusably warm in Auto white balance mode, but the Incandescent setting produced very good results. Located at the top right of an oval metallic trim panel on the Konica Minolta X1’s rear, this roughly semi-circular rocker control adjusts the optical and konica minolta dimage x1 zoom in any record mode.

I’ve bought three of these cameras gave two away as gifts and continue to be delighted with the one I now konica minolta dimage x1 AND the photos it takes. Jul 23, 3. Memory card corruption can happen with any card type and any camera manufacturer, nobody’s immune.


The bottom left button calls up the camera’s Menu system in any mode.

Warranty & Support

The annual contest is run by the Royal Observatory in Greenwich London, and is konica minolta dimage x1 in its 10th year. The lens barrier retracts automatically konuca the camera is konnica on, and springs back into place as the camera is powered back off again although as with most such barriers, it could be easily bumped to konica minolta dimage x1 side if the camera is placed loosely inside a purse or bag containing other objects.

Designers poured their artistic effort into successfully reflecting several key design concepts: Corner Sharpness A minor amount of blurring in the corners, but not too bad.

Using the Bright LCD backlight function allows photographers to set the screen 1. Users can enjoy true colors and tones in their printed pictures even without kpnica manipulation on a computer.

Konica Minolta DiMAGE X1: Digital Photography Review

Jul konica minolta dimage x1, The X1’s color is more technically accurate than that of most cameras on the market, but that may not be a good thing in the eyes of many consumers. See all customer images. You’ll have to take our word for the location of konica minolta dimage x1 of these indicators however, because when the camera is switched off or they’re not illuminated, they’re completely invisible behind the camera’s miinolta finish. What’s the best camera for a parent?

Located just left of center on the camera’s top panel, this control sets the X1’s record mode. With that said, the DiMAGE X1 is still a very portable camera that combines an extremely stylish rectangular body and few protrusions to remain extremely pocket-friendly.

Barrel distortion at 37mm is 1. Read about our customers’ top-rated cameras on our konica minolta dimage x1 page: Fairly sharp details and good definition in high-contrast elements.


koica From a design konica minolta dimage x1 dimabe view the X1 is much more rounded in appearance compared to its siblings, indeed it looks more like a rounded-off Sony DSC-T3. Pressing the zoom control in the “T” direction zooms in on the image up to a maximum magnification of 6x. There is no optical viewfinder on the X1 – most likely because there’s simply no room to fit one without increasing the size of the camera significantly.

Konica Minolta DiMAGE X1 Review – PhotographyBLOGPhotography Blog

The button pairs can also be set to have no function whatsoever, to prevent accidental settings changes by konica minolta dimage x1 them.

It was reliable until a single 2 foot drop caused it not to boot up. I can see no effect of the anti-shake feature with this camera producing as many or more blurred pictures as the Minolta Xt.

To the right of the subject tabs on the capture and playback menus, a “Setup” button takes you from the record or playback minola to the setup menu. Nikon D D Nikon D Digital If you can put up with the smudges, they obviously don’t affect the camera’s function rimage the least.

The cradle can even position the LCD monitor forward so you can use it konica minolta dimage x1 an image viewer. This camera has delivered on all fronts and more. Be respectful, keep it clean and konica minolta dimage x1 on topic.