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A final category was added at the request of Golf Illustrated which is the average of the 10 criteria rated by the testers. They have better chance to fit the golfer right than standard off the rack equipment. Bob Stewart 2 years ago. Dr Blade 5 months ago. I just couldn’t hit it straight. Tom Duckworth 2 years ago. Good info, thanks for the clarification Brad.

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Testers rated the feel of the club at set up, during the swing and at impact. It is, in fact, the guiding principle of how KZG operates.

KZG Driver Golf Clubs for sale | eBay

Superior in several ways: Chris Nickel 2 years ago. Buying more than one item?. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

Golf equipment manufacturers tinker year in and year out, all in the name of sales cycles. Most of the companies will customize grip, shaft, lie angle, swingweight, and lofts. They do make a great kzgg and those Zo irons are among the best ever produced, I have several KZG heads that came from a friend of mine who was a dealer that retired.

KZG – If it Isn’t Broke, Don’t Fix It

GolfTest USA was formed so golf consumers will have one website to visit to get independent and unbiased information enabling them to make informed purchasing decisions for all golf related products.


If you’re interested, my cc has a Fuji R flex; pm me. They were very good clubs felt great. I tried the J and US models alongside each other and they are worlds apart. And this is where most people go haywire.

They will never be sold as they have sentimental value to me. The testers were asked to rate how strongly they would recommend each driver to their friends or other golfers. I know you’ll get a lot of positive feedback from others at TSG but I’ll play devil’s advocate.

Got one to sell? In a world when nearly every piece of information is at our finger tips, the omission of a starting at price seems a bit foolhardy. Hopefully their customer service to their dealers gilf improved because they make one great iron.

KZG Gemini 460

Chris is based out of Fort Collins, CO and his neighbors believe long brown boxes are simply part of his porch decor. I hope that clears it up a little for you. Perhaps the chief benefit of being niche is the ability to control a process and thus the final product. Within 2 miles 5 miles 10 miles 15 miles 20 miles 50 miles 75 miles miles miles miles miles miles miles miles miles of.

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I think fitting is especially important for component brands like Yuyuri, Miura, Epon, etc.

KZG – If it Isn’t Broke, Don’t Fix It

Tom is one of the best ever. I have several sets of Zo blades that are my everyday clubs. I like my Gemini I have a ZO 4 iron that is a rocket and I built and gave a ZO 2 iron to a young friend of mine and he hits the crap out of it. More refinements More refinements Dr Blade 5 months ago.

You will not be disappointed. I had a I just stumbled onto it and lucked out. I still have my set of KZG irons that I used way back in with some success. A final category was added at the request of Golf Illustrated which is the average of the 10 criteria rated by the testers.

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