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Go Beyond Hardware Torq Xponent provides much more than a transparent combination of hardware and software–it allows you to take DJing and live performance in wild new directions. The Mixco mapping included with Mixxx 2. Flashes on each beat of the corresponding track. With full-size tactile controls, an integrated USB audio interface and intuitive MIDI-learn capabilities, Torq Xponent bridges the gap between traditional DJ hardware and today’s powerful performance software once and for all. The default mode can be changed in the config section of the M-Audio-Xponent-Advanced-scripts. These MIDI inputs are not used in this mapping.

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Mapping(s) for M-Audio, Torq Xponent

Controls the volume of the master audio output. The latest version can be found in this Forum Post. Folk Instrument Buying M audio xponent. Any additional effect parameters beyond three will have to be controlled auxio the Mixx UI. Dynamic Performance DJing is all about the connection between you, your music and your audience.

M-Audio Torq Xponent

Holding both shift buttons while pressing either Sync button will cycle through the available modes at runtime. Controls the headphone mix.

The Big X button is tied to the Brake effect. The package includes the Torq DJ software that’s revolutionizing digital DJing and the Xponent hardware control surface that xponenr all that power right at your fingertips. With built-in controls for looping as well as a cell, tempo-synced performance sampler, Torq makes it possible to grab loops m audio xponent one-shot samples and drop them wherever you like, all while staying perfectly in sync with the mix. Getting LEDs to work with old mappings pre All audiio soft-takeover m audio xponent.


M-Audio Torq Xponent Advanced DJ Performance/Production System | Musician’s Friend

Windows Media Center Edition is not currently supported. It’s easy to get up and running with M audio xponent because all of the hardware controls are located exactly where you’d expect them to be.

This is a hardware m audio xponent, and changes will not be reflected in the Mixxx UI. Controls the volume of the headphones. The Gain kill Gwill momentarily silence the track entirely.

Wishlist Log in to view your wishlist. Made to Work Together Torq DJ software for Mac and PC automatically configures itself to work with Xponent–with every hardware control pre-mapped to its corresponding function in Torq.

Some advanced or intensive operations and features may be limited by these hardware configurations and may require a faster computer. M-Audio discontinued its DJ products m audio xponent the company was bought by inMusic in Our full range of DJ equipment from all the leading equipment and software brands.

Holding the corresponding deck’s m audio xponent button while pressing the Big Minus button will do a rolling reverse censor modeand will resume play at the point the track would have been if the Big Minus had never been pressed.

This is expected to change m audio xponent 2. The system also provides everything you need to loop, reorder and remix tracks on the fly. If you require low latency as well as a lot of effects or time stretching, you may want to run with the ASIO driver at the expense of the lights.


This is a hardware control, and changes will not m audio xponent reflected in the Mixxx UI 14 Booth Output Volume Controls the volume of the booth audio output. The flashing behavior can be customized by setting the MaudioXponent. Lights No need to hold down any keys, but see the note for Windows users above.

m-audio_xponent [Mixxx Wiki]

This completely integrated system combines the features of a standard 2-channel DJ mixer with the controls of a pair of DJ CD players, letting you cue, mix and scratch digital files m audio xponent touching the host computer thus bringing forward the merging of digital and conventional DJing. Accessories M audio xponent Concert Percussion. This setting can be toggled by holding both shift buttons and pressing any PFL button.

These will be mentioned in-line. Flashes on each beat of the corresponding track. Find a similar product below or contact our experts for a recommendation of great alternatives.

When ReWired to a host application, the tempo of Torq automatically locks to the current session tempo, so you never have to m audio xponent about syncing playback between Torq and your preferred DAW. Guitar Auudio Buying Guides.