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Despite IBM’s original Almaden page proclaiming “After a few days with the ScrollPoint, you’ll find you can’t go back” most people still prefer wheels. Install the latest Lenovo driver which I think makes Chrome see it as a standard wheeled device– since that’s all it has been programmed to see. This being part of the ScrollPoint II series; they were released with a ball instead of an optical sensor. No mechanical ball to get dusty, dirty or stolen. Like all things, eventually these mice will be harder to find as time goes on. Fortunately you can remove the button assembly albeit it’s not easy and correct the problem on earlier mice. Many used ScrollPoints will have little to no wear as they are generally not used in service extensively from users ultimately swapping them out for a wheel-based mouse; at least, this was common for a time when IBM bundled ScrollPoints with all of their computers such as IntelliStations but ended after a period due to customer disastisfaction.

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Laser mod What separates an “optical” mouse from a “laser” mouse is simply the type of light emitting diode used. The research document can be read here: Another difference is that the bottom covers are different between the two as well: The slate blue mice are presumably less ko09bo and were only manufactured with IBM logos because this colour was dropped with the later models.

IBM optical mouse model MO09BO | PC Review

Once I determine the cause of the increased sensitivty of the revision B ScrollPoints I will report back here. Here’s a comparison between an earlier sage SP Pro with the later revision where they corrected this with an updated mo09o mold, you’ll see how the older revision has both of the buttons veering to the right causing an uneven gap and this isn’t just the photo angle: This part can be skipped if you don’t want the glowing aspect you could even desolder the LED.


These mice came in two colours: Like all things, eventually these mice will be harder to find as ,ouse goes on.

These ones featured an optical sensor and a glowing ScrollPoint mechanism. The changes were a more semi-circled shaped body, mkuse better ScrollPoint cap and a third button right above the ScrollPoint.

Metallic Black Depth Metric: That’s very interesting as even some laser mice I tested could not work very well on transparent surfaces; dispelling the whole optical vs.

Lenovo MO09BO 3 Button USB Optical Lighted Scroll Mouse

Upon removing the top bezel, the buttons are actually detachable from the bezel. If your ScrollPoint isn’t new and has a damaged rubber coating, just use a magic eraser and gently remove the rubber or let the plastic soak in water and soap for a few hours and rub it off with a coarse cloth.

Finding ScrollPoints in new condition is more uncommon, but not impossible. Green probably looks the worst as it changes the cap to look an almost grey-like colour. I will at some point try swapping the ICs to determine which one is responsible for the behaviour change. Lenovo no longer manufactures any ScrollPoint mice anymore so they’re now officially dead.

I’ve replaced the original blue LED with a purple one, and it really fits the mouse very well 1 matching the ScrollPoint cap’s original colour much better 2 makes the glow a lot more soft and less visually intrusive. Fixing the divot on the button plastic. Metallic Black Connector Style: Optical technology provides precision control and has no mechanical ball, thus there is no need for a mouse pad. Disassembling the ScrollPoint mechanism itself reveals the pads which sense the resistance when compressed, along with the patent number for the technology on the back which doesn’t seem to be an IBM patent: Fixing the divot on the button plastic After in extensive use the microswitch will cut the plastic of either left or right clickable buttons and the thumb button if you use that frequently.

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This however is incorrect, all ScrollPoint mice use the same resistive mechanism and all cite the same patent. More later on in the article about the microcontroller. It is possible to ‘donate’ the rubber siding from the ball ScrollPoint Pro to the optical one, this does require some minor modifications kouse. For an anatomy analysis we’ll use the standard ScrollPoint III the general design is the same across all models–however the ScrollPoint I may be different.

It appears there have been two manufacturers for the Slate Blue plastic bezels as the colour can vary from being more blue or purple. Install the latest Lenovo driver which I think makes Chrome see it as a standard wheeled device– since that’s all it has been programmed to see. However, the stark blue doesn’t quite match the translucent “IBM blue” ScrollPoint cap which is very close to lavender.

IBM Mo09bo 3 Button USB Optical Lighted Scroll Mouse Mice DD

These are probably the harder ScrollPoint Pros to find, but also some of the least desirable due to their DPI ball mechanism. If I ever get a chip programmer I will update this section with mo09no information.

You have to use a fine pair of pliers to snip the excess plastic out, shown here:.