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Twelve South Journal for MacBook. I like your plan of waiting for the iPhone though, that should be pretty awesome. Post a Comment or Discuss in forum. For example, there’s a puny 5MB of internal memory, which effectively rules out storing an extensive MP3 collection for playback via the phone’s Media Centre option. But look beyond the classy design and it’s clear that the SLVR is hardly a revolutionary phone.

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Storage is artificially capped at songs regardless of their actual size – fewer than any iPod, including shuffle – though the phone costs as much as a 30GB iPod unless you simultaneously commit to a phone contract. An aesthetically sleek and thin combination of wireless phone and MB iTunes music player that boasts better-than-average battery life, and in-call performance. Capturing iOS and tvOS screenshots using…. BTW, what things ,ac you?

This iLounge article provides more information on this practice, known as revving. SLVR has got the looks. No other phones are iTunes motorkla, either. L2, the thinnest version x 49 x 10 mmL6, a larger x 49 x Triumph- I bought your CD.

I love the candybar style of the phone it’s easy to use and the camera quality is great. The company then surprised everyone by debuting ROKR E2 without any support for iTunes, but much better ancillary features, including a 1-Megapixel camera and higher-resolution screen. What if I want a refund?


Twelve South Journal CaddySack. Helpfully, there’s a microSD slot on the right-hand side for adding extra storage. Bluetooth-enabled technology frees you from the confines of the cord and lets you do more with Motorola SLVR. Though it almost goes without saying at this point, Apple so significantly stunned the world with iPod nano that even its own partners were unprepared to match its cutting-edge design and miniaturization efforts.

Jason McIntosh Tuesday, January 31, – 2: Super Collection – Aspyr Media, Inc. S, max you ever come up here Northeast USA there’s always a spot on a dive boat for you. Third, iTunemyWalkman lets you transfer playlists directly from iTunes over to the Motorlla phones.


However, after a few troubles and intense research I’ve realized her looks were decieving. Twelve South Journal for MacBook. The card does not store music. If your contract is up in March, you might call Cingular or talk to someone in-store.

Motorola SLVR L7 with iTunes and Bluetooth headset?

Against Poor camera resolution No headphones socket Limited internal memory. RAZR uses a flip-closed design that shields its inner screen from scratches, yet includes a second external color screen that provides virtually all of the maac you need when not making calls.


The thing to remember, is that this is a phone first, not a mp3 player. Viewing and Managing all of your Apple devices….

Motorola Phone Tools

As a result, many recent Motorola accessories work with L7. Man when is Motorola gonna get on the ball already?? I just got mine the other day, I’m impressed with some things, can’t wait to get a MP on it though! Hanging onto my money for a bit longer. Anki Create slvt Cozmo Book. Follow Blog via Email Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.

The Motorola L7 is reliable and eye catching. You can send me private message in my site www. Buy the unlocked Ki from, say, moforola.