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Then if a is changed to some other type, the calculation will still be correct. I presume this is for a class and I suspect you have not been taught bit manipulation. The message is to trigger a function in the MainFrame that will set an event SetEvent. It’s not ideal because currently TestArray does not know how much room it has to work with. Richard MacCutchan Dec 7:

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I have a task of passing variable values in an array to a function. Which DDK version are you using? For those new to message boards please try to follow a few simple rules when posting your question.

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Please do not post links to your question in one forum from another, unrelated forum such as the lounge. David Crow Dec 6: The TabletAudioSample project demonstrates how to develop a WDM audio driver that exposes support for multiple audio devices. Articles Quick Answers Messages.


I’m wondering if there is a known bug in this example, or any caveats I have to take into account? Sign up using Email and Saple. It will be deleted.

Sample Audio Drivers – Windows drivers | Microsoft Docs

Let’s work to help developers, not make them feel stupid. C programming Question on Characters Member Dec Richard MacCutchan Dec Email Required, but never shown.

You need to enter a word multiple sampel and THEN check that entire word for one character of each type. Itmay be that something in your code is getting in a loop under certain conditions.

MSVAD Simple Sample

I have provided what I have done and I am not getting the output as required. C programming Question on Characters jschell Dec 8: You have the following line of code: Everyone here helps because they enjoy helping others, not because it’s their job. You can use GitHub tools to work with the samples. Can you please explain?

It includes sample code that demonstrates how to register and unregister audio processing objects, and also shows how to customize a Control Panel property page to reflect the available features in the processing object. Sampel attached the debugger view and msvas this output: I didn’t get the logic behind “reqd” in the if else part.


Member Dec 8: Could use some more help. Saved me a good deal of head-scratching! Double-click the Sysvad solution file to open it. Be careful when including code that you haven’t made a typo. Putting the code in a block works.

Sample Audio Drivers

Keep the subject line brief, but descriptive. For example, you could specify C: I’d rather be phishing! Daniel Gilbert 8