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Simply ground the club and take your normal grip and in play you will have a driver that sits 1. Not a single snap hook which has been a previous problem for me once or twice a round. Still using my D2 after over 6 years and I love it. Probably one of the best drivers Ive hit with the RIP shaft. In CO I drive yds and at sea level I drive around The larger pear-shaped head of the D2 was designed for maximum forgiveness and playability, and works to reduce side spin, thereby producing a straighter shot with a higher launch.

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The D3 is an all-black driver and it looks great. If the ball is going right, try going left on the SureFit Chart to a more upright lie angle such as A2 or B2. Great sound and feel? Forgiveness on off-center hits is improved over the driver I had previously.

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I think they use the word lie to mean a open or closed face. Some of the best drives of my life with this baby. Understanding how face angle plays a role in the SureFit Tour Hosel can really help golfers if they are having directional issues with their driver or metals.

The middle lofts produced the best carry and a good amount of run-out. If the ball is going left predominantly, try B1. Well hit balls are so good that I find myself choking up a bit to hit the sweet spot. Took it out on the course set on the original neutral setting, hit a few balls felt great. I swung without looking at the hosel or at the clubface much at setup, trying to produce a standard swing each time. Went to the range today and tried a few different settings.

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I changed to a high draw c-3 and ended up hitting the ball yards longer around yards.

Both sound and feel were not neglected — in fact both were enhanced to deliver a hotter, more solid sound upon impact. Am i reading the guide correctly. Tradition with more titleisr a sprinkle of cutting-edge technology?

910 D2- Loft adjustment

Comments and questions are appreciated. The best setting for you is determined by your local 9910 Titleist fitter using a handy 4×4 matrix that Titleist have put together using numbers a letters that appear on the hosel sleeve and ring.

Now the other chart for club fitters looks like this….

However you should put looks aside and go for the model that the Titleist fitter recommends as that will give you the best results. The only way we could figure to test this was a setyings of blind setup, wherein I handed the club to someone, he adjusted the hosel, and settingss it back to me.

All of these shafts are also torque matched to flex and swing speed. I was also pleasantly surprised trying out the new Nike VR Pro driver.

General Questions about the Titleist D2 – WRX Club Techs – GolfWRX

Making loft the only difference between A2 and A3? Edited by mac2lad, 16 February – I bought the and went to my club and hit a few drives. Following months of successful player testing and performance validation on the worldwide professional toursthe new Titleist drivers, chxrt the innovative SureFit Tour dual-angle hosel, will be available to golfers in stetings.


Use the black arrows as a guide to adjust the hosel setting until the desired ball flight is achieved. The other chart, which has more information regarding face angle, is found in fitting guides titleust Titleist produces for PGA Professionals and golf club fitters.

One is for consumers and this is what you will find with your literature when you purchase a Titleist Driver. DO Settihgs sole the club and then immediately take your grip. Please let me know if you have any other questions. Note that the stock position is A1 — you can go more upright twice but only go flatter — to B1 — one position.

Hello Nicolia, Thank you for reading and for the question, I am happy to assist. Your setting would be C1.