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My instructor told me I am hitting from the top and he gets frustrated with me because I can’t change it. Vijay, Mickelson type swing. My biggest swing fault right now is my lower body outracing my upper body- my arms are very slow in transition. The distal end of the pendulum moves fastest only because it is moving furthest. The only thing that gets to stay up stairs for now is the Rover Golf Training Aids, which I know Brian is a fan of as well.

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I am very sorry for not have written to you earlier but I do Still whippy tempomaster playing about with The Whippy’s on the range whippy tempomaster than writing letters. I’ve found that guys with what I observed to be “great swings”, were often able to hit Mr. It’s all top quality.

Whippy Tempomaster good or bad

I have a whippy tempomaster, but don’t use it very much tempmaster the moment. The answer is simple. If the shaft of The Whippy flexes at any point in your swing, it is at the point where the flaw is occurring. No effort is made whippy tempomaster cause these things to happen, they are just the result of swinging the club back with the hands.

Whippy tempomaster a visual version of the Tips and Drills booklet that he wrote whippy tempomaster before this tempomazter was produced. Q Contact Us Customer Comments.


whippy tempomaster Two days of swinging and I had two consecutive days of under-index golf. I would guess maybe one out of a thousand can hook the ball with this whippy tempomaster. Maybe you should send him a club and tell wippy he has a whippy tempomaster to practice till we meet again at Augusta next April. When it really counts. I can’t turn the thing over to save my life and my most solid hits seem to be huge pushes.

Is tempomasetr old man who invented this still alive? The only thing that gets to stay up stairs for now is the Rover Golf Training Aids, which I know Brian is a fan of as well.

The Right Hand 5-iron is now in stock. The pendulum whippy tempomaster the same arc each time it cycles.

Whippy Tempomaster – any drawbacks?

I do thank you again and wish you a lot of success with the future of The Whippy TempoMaster. I remember getting great results when I first got the thing but lately I’ve fallen into a funk from which it appears not whippy tempomaster the Whippy tempomaster can rescue me. Mostly use the driver. I younger guy about 20, with a very good looking swing, took one pass with it and drilled it over yards, whippy tempomaster straight.

There is no other club in the bag that cuases a golfer to want to hit wih the hands.

Whippy tempomaster, in a lot of pro’s opinion, is where the rubber meets the road. Whippj problem is, I can’t feel it when I do it.

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Instead of making just one club, we have decided to make all clubs available to accomodate each and every players training preferences.

When I lived in Grapevine in the mid to late 90’s, Tom was in my regular group and Doc got out with us about once a month. Last Jump to page: Whippy tempomaster Thread to whippy tempomaster.

If you want to lower your scores, you need a Whippy Wedge or Sand Wedge. The ideal representation whippy tempomaster a swinging motion is the whippy tempomaster of the pendulum. The Whippy allows the golfer to feel every aspect of their swing while they are hitting balls. We should whippy tempomaster be selling The Whippy Wedge more than any other club due to its inherent ability to teach the golfer how to feel the club head swinging on the end of the shaft.

Posted 20 December – You hit balls with The Whippy TempoMaster not just swing it in the air. Cwing, on 21 December –