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With the irons lie is all about accuracy — as loft increases the face is tilted more off line when the lie is not fit right to make the sole travel level to the ground through impact. So he hits an even worse drive. Thanks very much Mike for your interest and your support! Tom Wishon April 28, Love the sound, feel, and performance. Tom Wishon August 5,

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I tend to care about accuracy much more than distance.

Hope this helps and I would appreciate it if you would delete the thread you posted on WRX about this so others would not think this is a problem when in fact it just has to be some odd anomaly that can wishpn resolved by someone with proper experience with this. The club sits nicely behind the ball, is a great look with no alignment mark all big things for me. There are a few of the clubmakers who will work with golfers from afar in a back and forth communication to nail down your specs.

Kourt November 1, I was wondering if you could give me an estimate of the costs. Posted 27 Dishon – Wondering if your thi would be a good improvement for me. Balleszabal Sorry,a friend of mine working for the European Space Organisation,also a golfer told me both heads are fooling I am playing a driver that is 45 inches long. My bag is a mix of Wishon and Miura! I was wondering what shaft you might recommend, given that my latest flightscope numbers are approximately yards of carry, with an average swingspeed ofwith an average spin rate of Which is all me saying that in truth, to get what you wisnon, you really need to see if there is a good fitter in your area with whom you can work to be properly fit for the loft, and for all the other key elements on the driver — length, lie, face angle, shaft weight, shaft flex, shaft bend profile, total weight, swingweight and grip.

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Wilson largely pushes the D as a game-improvement driver, which certainly supports the notion that Game improvement can be a load of fun.

My apologies for the glitch or whatever it has been that has prevented not just yours but a handful of other posted comments and questions to get lost.

Upon removal of the oval W emblem, there was no hole in which to add weight. But with the I can get it out there over m yards and that is considering that our fairways here are always watered so offer no roll.

The Sunday Driver: Wishon 919THI

Thank you for your reply. The iron shafts feel stiff compared to my 5. Wiahon is a fitter near by southy. Frank Greco August 30, We appreciate that very much. The 3rd driver I ever bought in my life and by far the longest.

But to be able to make different weight arms with as much as grams on the end of the arm, the head had to be smaller.

– Best Driver

Thanks very much for taking the time to visit and to share your experience with the new driver. So you will need to get some lead tape to put on the head to bring back enough head weight feel so you can still achieve proper swing timing, rhythm. If I recall he has played this and a few other Wishon heads and recommended them to me. I have done many fittings and always end up with a mid kick shaft such as a speeder or currently a hazordous Black in stiff and X flex.


I am on my third year with this club and have no intention of changing. Using our launch monitors we collected a ton of data to help us determine the longest, most accurate, and best overall drivers of Great work T — entralled even if not in the market for a driver. Curious to find out what shaft works well with Seniors.

Wishon THI – GolfBuzz

That is a 1. Too many golfers believe wrongly that in all cases, the longer the length, the higher will be the clubhead speed and from it an increase in distance. Is the offset driver the same as the draw bias? While paint and graphics and alignment aids were a big topic of conversation during the initial round of testing — and none discussed more than the pair of TaylorMade drivers, by the time testers got to the second round, most had stopped caring.